Nina Ricci 2011 Pre-fall

I used to buy fashion magazine very often, and I just liked to touch and feel the paper to see those gorgeous clothes. After using Ipad and download application, I totally love it. It’s incredible to see fashion show in high definition resolution and I am now so obsessed with application. High recommended this application (free download)

Anyway, when I saw Nina Ricci’s pre-fall 2011, I really love the colour combination, the cutting and the good quality of materials, most importantly it suits my style.

I am always passionate for fashion, but I have my own style – which I like elegant, classical and colourful & fun! Fashion, music and perfume are all very personal. There is no right or wrong, and whether you like it or not. They are also inspiration in life, and I don’t think I can live without these 3 items.

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Autumn and Winter Fashion Trend 2010

I do like 2010 fall selections, especially Gucci, Chole, Michael Kors, and Stella Mccartney, they are my favourites and my style. This year, the main colour is no longer black and white. Camel, military-green, earthy colour and grey colour was appeared quite a lot in this fall fashion. Moreover, 1960-80’s style is back. You can see more fur, oversize sweaters, and biker coats, which are everywhere.

Simple, elegant cut, over-knee boots, socks in high heels, big fur coats, and oversize jumper are the most elements for this fall shopping. I can’t resist to buy the camel coat already for my autumn and winter collection – it was expensive, but it was certainly so pretty. Even though I love Summer, it is getting Autumn, and I can’t wait to have more Autumn’s outfits. Autumn is a romantic season with yellow leaves and cold wind.

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New Court Shoes

I love this cherry colour leather court shoes. The first time I saw it, I felt in love with it and bought it immediately. It was quite pricy, but I just can’t resist. This year is really trendy for court shoes. It is smart casual style, and I haven’t tried any court shoes before. I think I will wear it everyday and it is so comfortable to wear as well. Do you like it?