Be A Wise Man


When I saw the TV or magazines sometimes, I always feel curious that what are the real age of all the celebrities? We know age for women is a secret and can not be asked or mentioned. Age is like a scar because no one wants to get old or leave a trace in your face. However, age is also a proof of being an adult and writing down experiences. People always can tell from thoughts to know the age without being asked. Maybe we are too scared to have birthdays in our generation because it means more responsible for life, even time is passing without our notice.

Some people link the age with death and it is a taboo to think of death, but actually there is nothing to afraid of when you face it with a good attitude, but life is too short to let us experience more, and I don’t want to live forever!

We never feel old in our heart and be more optimistic, be more generous, be more open-minded, be happier, treat ourselves better and enjoy the life with passion then we never feel old. Look at some celebrities like Michael Vartan who is already 41 from TV series ALIAS; see Sarah Jessica Parker who is already 40 or Madona who is over 45, but they still look fabulous. You might think they are celebrities and wear a lot of make-up, the point is that it’s an attitude to life. I wish I would look fabulous when I were 40 with a lot of smiles still, just like my Mum.

Let us be a wise man.