My home-cooked Asparagus with Cod Fish

Normally we eat a lot of home-made good food at home. In the past few weekends, we bought fish and cooked them with simple recipes. Last night, I pan-fried cod fish with garlic asparagus, and mash sweet potato, add one roast big mushroom. It was so simple, but extremely tasty. Do you like it when you see the picture? It was so delicious.

Home-made Italian Salami Pizza

Since we bought the panasonic SD-257 bread machine, and used to make all kind of bread. It’s a good purchase because we eat bread so often. It is incredible to use and you can enjoy fresh bread every day. We wanted to try to make some pizza bread, then we made our own pizza with delicious Italian Ham and salami, and home-made tomato chilly sauce. It turned out so pretty and delicious.

It’s 100% home-made with fresh ingredients and it encouraged us to do it more in the future. I do like cooking and spoil myself with a lot of good food.

Haworth – The Brontë Sisters Home

It’s a beautiful sunny weekend, so we both decided to travel somewhere. Haworth is one of the famous pretty town in the Yorkshire because of the The Brontës Sisters. After 30 minutes driving, we arrived the town. It was small, but pretty and peaceful. The sisters, Charlotte (born 21 April 1816), Emily (born 30 July 1818), and Anne (born 17 January 1820), are well known as a trio of sibling poets and novelists. I remembered that when we were in the University, we used to read Bronte sister’s book in our literature classes.

It was nice to visit Haworth and we certainly will go back for hiking there. We picked a cafe where was home-baked bread and produced local meat for lunch. John ordered a really big roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, and I ordered a big breakfast with tea. It was reasonable price with big portion and quality tasty food. I do wish all the tourist places should be like that, not over-priced horrible normal food.

I really enjoy little trip like this.

Home-made gorgeous bread

John ordered a recipes book how to make bread from River Cottage because we always eat a lot of bread at home, so we thought, why don’t we make our own bread with nice organic flower and no any artificial ingredient.

As we are always focus on healthy and tasty food, so we try to home-baked and cook for every thing possible. At the weekend, we made our hands dirty and tried to kneed our own bread. First weekend, we tried to make the basic white bread – it turned out so great, and tasted even unbelievable as well. You can see it from the picture above.

Second weekend we made the brown bread with pumpkin seeds inside and outside. It looked very nice as well, but it was a heavy bread to eat. I am so happy the bread turned out so great and tasty. I think we will continually make our own bread and eat healthy.

We also will make our pasta sauce this weekend, because we cook Italian food so often, why not? Our next step for our life is to buy our own house and grow our own vegetable and herbs.