First Snow In Leeds

Snow is always special for me, and it always makes me dream that I am living in a fair tale world. Like the snow princess is waiting for her prince to rescue her. I like the white and pureness of snow, and you know it’s so cold outside, and luckily you just sit at your cozy home with fireplace and a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Mmm…it’s the perfect winter for me.

John woke me up this morning and whispered to me: I think we got some snow, Carmen! I immediately woke up and could see the snow flakes from my bedroom window gently falling down from the sky, and I sunk into my Carmen imagination world and dreamed again. What’s your dream world like?

Winter Shoes Collection

Recently I have bought some winter boots because I don’t have much winter boots. But now I think I have enough for this winter and keep my feet warm and satisfied. I need to save up from now. No more new shoes or clothes. Happy New Year soon and wish best of all.

We are heading to have New Year dinner with friends to celebrate 2010. Which shoes should I wear tonight? It is raining outside, maybe I will wear the blue boots.