Metric – You rock my heart!

Metric is my one of my favourite bands, and they released the album Fantasies in 2009 is really awesome. Metric is a Canadian indie and alternative rock and New Wave band. Originally formed in Toronto, the band has also, at various times been based in Montreal, London, New York City and Los Angeles.

They didn’t released so many albums, but Fantasties and Grow up and blow away, and the EP called Eclipse (All Yours) from – Eclipse – Twilight Soundtrack are all my favourites.

I highly recommend this band for you if you like Rock, Electronic, Indie and Alternative. I couldn’t pick which one is my favourite song, because they all are. I really love their style, hope they will release more good albums soon. I just missed their concert in London, but if they come to Leeds, I am certainly will go to see them.

It always make a different day when you discover or listen a good band or good songs. 5 stars for them!

You can listen their songs in their Myspace page or Spotify in the UK for free.

Jason Mraz–Mr. A-Z

When I accidentally heard “Mr. curiosity” from Jason Mraz’s “Mr. A-Z” this album, I loved the song instantly and downloaded it and read the lyrics. It’s the song for someone who still is waiting for being in love; it’s the saddest song of all the album. I was absolutely astounded when I first heard this album. It’s actually the first album I’ve heard by Jason Mraz.

Personally Mr. Curiosity Bella Luna —it’s a classic love romantic song; a little bit Latin dancing. “ Did you get my message?” it’s a nice song I love it as well ; ” Geek in the Pink” I also like it, a little bit hip-pop, a little bit rock; it’s our age’s music and Life is beautiful —very deep meaning of lyrics. These four songs I have to highly recommend to everyone. Actually I love the entire album. Jason Mraz made me very impressed about his “Mr. A-Z” album. All the songs are so awesome and Jason is so young and a very intelligent songwriter. His lyrics give you a new perspective on things. It’s enjoyable to listen. 4 stars from Carmen.