Grill Beef Fillet with Small Aubergine

I brought a fantastic beautiful Scottish beef fillet from the market, and I really wanted to make it simple, but tasty. I cut it into small pieces, then cooked it each side for a minute in a hot grill pan with simple black pepper and salt. At the end, splashed a half lemon or lime juice on top, then add a little bit coriander and chilly (optional) Job done. Simple but true beauty! The beef was melt into your mouth and tasty incredible.

I chose Strawberry Ice Cream dessert for tonight, simple but fatty!!! Sometimes lady needed a special treat.

Jason Mraz–Mr. A-Z

When I accidentally heard “Mr. curiosity” from Jason Mraz’s “Mr. A-Z” this album, I loved the song instantly and downloaded it and read the lyrics. It’s the song for someone who still is waiting for being in love; it’s the saddest song of all the album. I was absolutely astounded when I first heard this album. It’s actually the first album I’ve heard by Jason Mraz.

Personally Mr. Curiosity Bella Luna —it’s a classic love romantic song; a little bit Latin dancing. “ Did you get my message?” it’s a nice song I love it as well ; ” Geek in the Pink” I also like it, a little bit hip-pop, a little bit rock; it’s our age’s music and Life is beautiful —very deep meaning of lyrics. These four songs I have to highly recommend to everyone. Actually I love the entire album. Jason Mraz made me very impressed about his “Mr. A-Z” album. All the songs are so awesome and Jason is so young and a very intelligent songwriter. His lyrics give you a new perspective on things. It’s enjoyable to listen. 4 stars from Carmen.



Look up the fingernail noon,
With a sentimental mood.
Sunbathe in dark light
With a blue night.
Guide your home line
With stars bright.

Flying clouds over your head
Blowing winds crush your hair
With a usual slight fragrance
Peaceful, silent, darkness

Moon behind clouds
Winds become strong,
Light becomes vague
A strike of coldness from winds
A drop, two drops, three drops…

The oil painting is one of my favourtie from Amo Life