Tony Bennett at Royal Albert Hall


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  Tony Bennett is one of my favourite Jazz musicians that I always wanted to see his performance. He is a legendary jazz musical like Frank Sinatra to me. He is 86 years old now and still touring countries. He … Continue reading

Whole Foods Market in Hight Street Kensington


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John and I always love shopping in Whole foods Markets either in Camden when we used to live in Chalk Farm or in Soho branch. Today we discovered that main branch in High street Kensington. It was surprisingly so big … Continue reading

Champagne In Harvey Nicole

Mel, Alex and me decided to have another night out. I always enjoy our girls night with a lot of chatting and wine. We went to Harvey Nicole for our first Champagne bottle, then we went to 2 popular pubs in city centre for our cocktails (don’t know their names, but was fun even though it was a raining night)

I do like girls night with cocktails or champagne and girls sharing. It was a fun night and always so nice to hang out with Mel and Alex.

Grill Beef Fillet with Small Aubergine

I brought a fantastic beautiful Scottish beef fillet from the market, and I really wanted to make it simple, but tasty. I cut it into small pieces, then cooked it each side for a minute in a hot grill pan with simple black pepper and salt. At the end, splashed a half lemon or lime juice on top, then add a little bit coriander and chilly (optional) Job done. Simple but true beauty! The beef was melt into your mouth and tasty incredible.

I chose Strawberry Ice Cream dessert for tonight, simple but fatty!!! Sometimes lady needed a special treat.