Belgo and Bierodrome


Friends and I went to the Belgian restaurant called Belgo last friday to celebrate my friend’s birthday and also a cheer-up for no-more exams. The restaurant is located in Covent Garden and it is really famous for the mussels and of course their beers! It is a popular restaurant and people always queue outside, but very easy to get a seat. It is an opening kitchen and you can feel the noises and smell delicious food when you walked in.

We ordered a beef with Belgium beer – dark favor, beef was tender and juicy; a chicken dish – creamy but less tasty than the beef; a classic sausages and mash – creamy and perfect mash with spicy sausages; and finally my favorite green spinish with creamy mussels – looked like a green pizza, but so delicious! Thumbs up!

Moreover, there is always a room for desserts. So we tried the Belgium chocolate cheese cake and passionfruit with white chocolate mousse. Oh dear! They were so enjoyable and definitely 5 stars.

Overall, service is not bad, environment is cool and trendy, and food price is acceptable. Each person spent 20 pounds. I definitely go there again.

The cover pictures is from their website and I re-designed them. Some pictures are ready to share with you!

比利时餐厅 - Belgo