Summer time


I do enjoy the sunny day and hot temperature in London, and it is hot, but as humid as China. I asked friends to come to my house and made some cakes together before they fly back to HK and Japan. We bought so many ingredients and made the pumpkin pie and chocolate trifle cake.

Vicky and Miwa enjoyed making cakes and we had so much fun, even though Vicky had some flower everywhere, and Miwa dropped an egg on the floor, it’s part of the fun and experience with friends. After 2 hours hard work, we ordered Papajohn’s pizza and watched some girl’s movie – He is not in too you. Then drinking and chatting until 1 am.

I enjoy the quality time with friends here in Summer day, cool breeze, hot sun, summer clothes, cool beer, good food and good accompany, then what a happy weekend. Here are some of our latest pictures.

I have been working hard to find a part-time job, had 2 interviews yesterday, but we will see the  results and I have work harder hunting on Monday. Tonight we will see Keane and Ladyhawke’s concert in Shepherd  Bush, I am so looking forward to seeing them.





我在努力找兼职呢,昨天有2份面试,不知道成不成功,英国兼职很难找啊,很多欧洲人来竞争,加上金融风暴,好在伦敦到处都是机会,周一再接再厉。今晚去听Keane 和 Ladyhawke的演唱会,约翰喜欢ladyhawke,等待疯狂的激情的夜晚终于来了。

Belgo and Bierodrome


Friends and I went to the Belgian restaurant called Belgo last friday to celebrate my friend’s birthday and also a cheer-up for no-more exams. The restaurant is located in Covent Garden and it is really famous for the mussels and of course their beers! It is a popular restaurant and people always queue outside, but very easy to get a seat. It is an opening kitchen and you can feel the noises and smell delicious food when you walked in.

We ordered a beef with Belgium beer – dark favor, beef was tender and juicy; a chicken dish – creamy but less tasty than the beef; a classic sausages and mash – creamy and perfect mash with spicy sausages; and finally my favorite green spinish with creamy mussels – looked like a green pizza, but so delicious! Thumbs up!

Moreover, there is always a room for desserts. So we tried the Belgium chocolate cheese cake and passionfruit with white chocolate mousse. Oh dear! They were so enjoyable and definitely 5 stars.

Overall, service is not bad, environment is cool and trendy, and food price is acceptable. Each person spent 20 pounds. I definitely go there again.

The cover pictures is from their website and I re-designed them. Some pictures are ready to share with you!

比利时餐厅 - Belgo