Spring in London


It was John’s birthday yesterday, and it was sweet to spend with him relaxing at home and eating some great food. Today, it was a nice crispy sunny day of Spring in London, so we decided to have a walk along the Regent Canal with Miwa. Luckily we had finished all the school projects and essays, so we can enjoy our free time.

We talked two miles to reach Angel in Islington. On the half way, John discovered a local market called Broadway Market next to Victoria Park. Surprisingly, it is a very trendy area – all you can see there were full of fashionable young people, who were shopping some local food, picking their sandwiches, drinking some fruit smoothes, as well as purchasing some second hand clothes.

Miwa and I first picked some German sausage hot-dog to share, and then we bought some French fusion food – coconut tiger prawn with some rice for £7. 50 each. John picked some healthy vegetable burger. The normal lunch price is from £3 – £8, and dessert from £2 – £5. It is not bad with so much fresh and home-made food or desserts – a perfect for a Spring panic in the Park. I do like this market – funky, trendy and fusion style. Then we walked another mile to reach Islington and had some chill Mango Passion fruit Frappuccino – so nice and cool to call a day.


昨天是约翰的生日,我们买了很多东西在家下厨,本想买礼物给他,出去逛街,结果买了很多自己的东西,却没有买给他,哈哈,他不介意的。我们把所有学校的功课都完成了,决定好好休息和享受春天的到来。所以今天,一个清爽蓝色的周末,我们决定和日本朋友 – 美和一起沿着学校的小河散步到另一个城镇。



Bonfire in Victoria Park


My friend Miwa and us went to see the Bonfire in Victoria Park on 2nd of November.

It felt so weird because traditionally we only have fireworks on Chinese New Year. It made me feel that it was New Year’s night, except there was no signs of a New Year’s atmosphere. Thousands of people showed up in Victoria Park and it was fantastic that the fireworks were directly above us with no buildings to block your vision. It’s true that pretty things wouldn’t last forever, but amazingly it was a new experience for me to see my first bonfire in London.

Soon Christmas will be coming. My last Christmas was in Beijing and it is still vivid in my mind. Time certainly flies and soon it will be Christmas in London. Can’t wait.