Red wine, Autumn leaves and Jazz night!


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An Autumn weekend A glass of red wine on the table Making a good Autumn stew Playing Jazz from the distance ‘The falling leaves, drift by the windows’ Singing by Nat King Cole… The violin is playing from the song … Continue reading

Polish Food and Culture

Karolina is my working colleague, and we bond to each other so quick after few months working. She loves Chinese food more than I do sometimes. Both of us are seafood’s lovers, and normal I always invite her to my place, so I can cook good seafood for her. In the past few days, we had the most amazing Karaoke, German sausage nights together, and she decided to cook Polish food for me today as well.

She told me that they don’t do lunch, and normally they eat breakfast at 11am, then have a late afternoon big dinner, then have a small sandwich at night. This is Polish food culture. It was quite weird, but weird because we get used of three time meal system.

Karolina cooked a slow-cook beef with wild mushroom with some polish rice, and drink was butter-milk (sour yogurt) together. It was beautiful and they normal eat with a big portion as well. It was lovely to try some real Polish food without travelling there. That’s why I love living in different places, because you always meet some wonderful people from all over the world.

I am a lucky girl who always meet gorgeous people. It was the best few days in Leeds with all my friends together.

Jazz Cafe + Konaki Greek Restaurant

Eileen and I went to the Jazz cafe to seeRay’s Jazz live above Foyle Book shop near Tottencourt Station. It was a small cozy cafe with Jazz Live band. It was very full and everyone went to listen their performance. Fantastic Music!

After that, we booked a table to Konaki Greek Restaurant according my research and it voted 4 of 5 Greek restaurant in town. Meet John inside the restaurant, and enjoyed our great lamb and greek pasta and wine.

Lamb is exactly tender as it should be. Eileen’s lamb shank and John’s BBQ chicken was perfect cook and very tasty. It was a good meal with friendly environment. It was my first time to try the Greek food and I absolutely love greek’s pasta.

It was a satisfied meal and chatted so much with Eileen.