Red wine, Autumn leaves and Jazz night!


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An Autumn weekend A glass of red wine on the table Making a good Autumn stew Playing Jazz from the distance ‘The falling leaves, drift by the windows’ Singing by Nat King Cole… The violin is playing from the song … Continue reading

Autumn / Fall in my heart

Autumn / Fall in my heart

Autumn has arrived and I always think of the song “Autumn in New York”. The sight comes to my mind when people are walking in the quiet park path covered with deep fallen leaves. The colour from life has faded away but a kind of love has printed deeper in everyone’s heart. It’s pretty nice. Meanwhile, it’s the perfect time for picnics in the park on autumn days. Here in Guangzhou you can’t really feel autumn. In daytime there is still plenty sunshine, but it is only at night that you can feel a stronger cool wind.

I love life that has a fast beat and has always got new things in it. It really fascinates me. I have been busy at work and being a survivor in life; I haven’t written anything here for while, I realized. In other words I don’t have any inspiration to write. On the contrary, life is not about only working; it contains more different experience. I like to take everything slow down and use my heart to feel nature. Personally it’s part of my relaxing way. My friends and I went to Da Fu Shan rading bicycle and had a picnic in the park. It was the best relaxing way in beautiful Autumn.

秋天的脚步早已步入,它让我想起“纽约的深秋”, 人们走在布满黄叶的小路,记忆的色彩或许在退色,但唯有爱永不退色。

广州的秋天, 白天依旧阳光抚媚, 深夜才感秋意。



My Poet to John


One trip has changed my life.
Angel sent you to make me smile.
I feel our love is growing.
I’m not one of those who can easily hide.
Love is fragile and should be held tight

I’m falling in love
But I’m scared to let you go
You always tell me “ don’t worry baby”
You make me believe what is “love”

No matter how painful was it before.
You make my fair-tale story become true.
No matter how the story will be end.
You told me your life is just beginning

So many things are waiting for us to experience
How wonderful life it is while you are in my world.



Look up the fingernail noon,
With a sentimental mood.
Sunbathe in dark light
With a blue night.
Guide your home line
With stars bright.

Flying clouds over your head
Blowing winds crush your hair
With a usual slight fragrance
Peaceful, silent, darkness

Moon behind clouds
Winds become strong,
Light becomes vague
A strike of coldness from winds
A drop, two drops, three drops…

The oil painting is one of my favourtie from Amo Life