Farewell Leeds, Back To London

We have been living in Leeds for a year, and it’s a tremendous good experience to live in the North. Being able to access the North Yorkshire such as Yorkshire Dale, York, Harrogate, Haworth etc, many old traditional towns and villages are a great experience to live and travel to. Not mention that it’s also sweet to live somewhere near John’s family, and we had a lot of family gathering.

From central London moved to Leeds, then moved back to central London again, people must think we are crazy. Maybe we are. I guess that wherever you got a better opportunity, wherever you will be. John and I are not scared of changing, and of course it could be tiresome sometimes.

I met a lot of new colleagues who became my good friends in Leeds. I am sure that life in Leeds without them is not the same, and friends are such an important part of my life. It’s sad to leave them, but we will always be friends wherever we are.

We will live in Chalk Farm North West of London, 8 minutes walk to Primrose hill and Regent Park which is a fantastic area to access to pubs, restaurants, central london, shopping, and Camden market. I think we will spoil ourselves a lot just by eating and having fun in our new area. We are very looking forward to have another exciting life in London again. I don’t think I am tired of London yet, but life has different priorities, and it requires changing all the time depends on those priorities.

Look forward to back to London

A Change of Life

New Things

People always like new challenges, new ideas, new music, new experiences and new friends. It’s part of our life to make new things happening. It makes us grown up; it makes us long for new experiences tomorrow. It’s the nature in our blood and it’s the things we look forward to living for.

New things enhance your horizon; it opens your eyes; it pulls you out of your own circle; it makes your jump; it makes you feel different and it makes you contribute something to this world. Of course don’t take things for granted, it needs you to make it happen, to make it yours. People are scared of changing or loosing. But we are young. Young people like creating new things; To be personal, I like people changing; I like those always giving surprises and new feeling; I am trying my best to surprise them back as well. I love life to be more colourful, more passionate, more energetic, not only white the black. We only have one life.

Take an example, do you realise the new generation singers on TV always make the same type of music? —boring tune, always sad songs about breaking up with lovers; same music video has a man and the woman chasing each other or posing and making themselves look pretty. I hope new generation singers can use their talent to impress us, not only beauty.

The world is changing; it’s moving; it’s pushing us to walk with it. Daily life is never new at all for us; we wake up, go to work, off to work, eating dinner, watching TV or relaxing at night, then go to sleep; it looks like we are doing machinery job, but this is simple life that everyone experience days and nights. We are repeating the same thing over and over time; it’s true, but if we slightly notice, we know we are contributing things to make this world move faster. The world is moving because we are moving; we are creating new things in our work, in our life, in our technology. This world has what it is because everyone is producing new stuff without noticing.

I will feel bad if I am not learning or create new things in a day; it doesn’t matter that you should make a big change. Could be a new dish, a new idea, or a new look!

Everyday is a new day, a new start, a new life! Let’s have a change of life. Enjoy…




举个例子来说,你觉得港台新时代的歌手都在唱同一调的情歌不? 平凡无谓的曲调,不是分手的歌曲就是爱来爱去的歌曲,就算MTV也是千篇一律,找个美男美女在里面追来追去,或是女的坐在角落摆个最漂亮的角度,一点新意也没有,我们不再是青少年了,不只是外表就可以蒙骗我们;假如是制作音乐,我们更希望是自创,新鲜的MTV让我们觉得音乐在创新也和世界也在变化;看看资深的音乐歌手或作曲家,他们不断的在发掘开拓新的音乐,创造他们从未试过得音乐类型,因为他们知道,他们不再靠外表吸引观众,是音乐!






Look up the fingernail noon,
With a sentimental mood.
Sunbathe in dark light
With a blue night.
Guide your home line
With stars bright.

Flying clouds over your head
Blowing winds crush your hair
With a usual slight fragrance
Peaceful, silent, darkness

Moon behind clouds
Winds become strong,
Light becomes vague
A strike of coldness from winds
A drop, two drops, three drops…

The oil painting is one of my favourtie from Amo Life