Brand New Hair Cut

John always said short hair suits me well, however, I never had a gut to try something new. I had my long hair for more than 20 years, and could not imagine how do I look when I have my hair cut short. Finally I decided to try one of the best salons in the UK Vidal Sassoon in Leeds City Centre, and had an appointment on Saturday last week, then after one hour, I had a brand new hair cut.

I love it and a lot of my friends love it too. I think even though my hair is thick and have a lot, shoulder hair or short hair indeed suits me. One thing I am sure is I will change my hair style often in the future and not scared of changing.

Do you like it?



Look up the fingernail noon,
With a sentimental mood.
Sunbathe in dark light
With a blue night.
Guide your home line
With stars bright.

Flying clouds over your head
Blowing winds crush your hair
With a usual slight fragrance
Peaceful, silent, darkness

Moon behind clouds
Winds become strong,
Light becomes vague
A strike of coldness from winds
A drop, two drops, three drops…

The oil painting is one of my favourtie from Amo Life