Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is a youthful brand of casual apparel from California. With extremely popular in the hight street, London in Mayfair and one from Milan are the only shops in Europe. Thousands of tourists and local people shop there everyday.

The location is the beginning / ending of Savile Row, depends which direction you are. It was quite hidden and opposition of the museum. The store is famous that they only recruit young, fit, pretty faces to be their staff. When you walk in, it feels like a night club rather than a normal shop. It smells perfume in the air and even in the clothes, and it appears dark with loud disco music.

The funny thing is every time I shop there, I don’t know whether I should look at the staff who look like models with so pretty faces, or the clothes. The staff is chatting, dancing, but also helping people out. However, it was certainly a unusual shopping experience. The price is quite expensive compared with normal retail shops, but you are buying the brand and the images and of course, they never on sales

So what is their image? Some people might say that Abercrombie & Fitch’s image is young, blonde, rich-middle-class but rather superficial. Although superficial, I do like their beech casual look and so colourful. More importantly, it has XS sizes for me. It is hard to find XS (extra small sizes in the UK for normal shops). Surprisingly that there are so many middle-ages people shopping there as well. Whether they buy for themselves or buy for someone, I guess that everyone like Abercrombie’s image – young and fit.

I like the colourful T-shirt, pants and bikini. Last weekend I bought a leather flip flop for this summer. It was quite pricy, but it was fun to shop there. For such a unique shop and experience, it is worth to maintain in my blog, and definitely will bring my friends there.

小鹿是一个年轻阳光沙滩的休闲品牌,落于美国加州。因为超级受年轻朋友们的欢迎,整个欧洲只有伦敦和米兰两家。每天都有上千的旅客因为它的名气去那里购物。地理位置在高级购物街Mayfair – 全伦敦最贵的地皮。店面十分隐密,正对着一个博物馆的对面。店名专么没有打出来,不知道的人走过还以为里面是个酒吧或夜总会。





Miss Li from Stockholm

UK has a music free application that you can download and listen music for free legally. It calls Spotify. Listen free music while you are online, just like Last.fm, but more latest music and very easy to use. However, it only applies in the UK. Anyway, I have been using it for some time now.

Today, I discover an artists from Stockholm, who is same age with me called Miss Li. She just released a new album ‘Dancing the whole way home’. Miss Li’s style like Amy Winehouse – Jazz, Blues, Rock and Indie as well in a variety of style. I do like this album, and it is definitely worth putting into my ipod.

It’s amazing that she is young and so talented! I do like Swedish artists a lot, like Kent, The Cardigans, Club 8 and Jazz musician Lisa Ekdahl and Koop. They are all my favourite artists. Sweden is great place and it produces a lot of great artists and music. My favourite songs are:

  • I heard of a girl
  • True Love Stalker
  • Polythene Queen
  • Is this The End
  • Stuck in the Sand
  • A Daughter of a Son
  • The Boy in the Fancy Suit
  • Stupid girl

Moreover, Swedish people are incredible trendy in fashion too. We did plan to travel to Sweden before, but it is more expensive than London. I think I need to save more money so I can be there soon. Sweden is Rock!

My Obsession Women – Daria Werbowy

In fashion industry, most people adore Kate Moss and Keira Knightley in the UK because they both have typical high cheek bones and classic British elegant faces. Personally, I think they both are pretty but rather common. When you talk about perfect face and body, everyone will think of brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Indeed, she has everything and she is incomparable.

However, I like Gisele, but I set my eyes on Daria Werbowy, who is an Ukrainian Canadian model, originally was born in Poland. My obsession of her is her eyes and smile -mystery and sexy!  Her face is very unique and she got a perfect body as well. In style, she wears a lot of simple, chic and street style fashion. I am totally adore her body and her look. Look at her pictures, how could you not like her?

We all know that faces and beauty eventually will wear-out, and it is rather superficial and temporary, but I appreciate and love seeing pretty things and people. Sometimes I just could not stop staring at them. Anyway, Daria is the most popular supermodel and fashion icon nowadays. Maybe sometimes we want something that we can not have. Cover pictures are from Style.com

2010 Wishes

We have walked through the 2009 – a recession economic year! However, it is a whole new world to discover 2010. My wishes for 2010 are very simple:

Luck & Bless

Money & Pass Driving License

Health & Happy

Travel & Different experiences

Good food & Music

Is it too much? I have already had a good start in the New Year, and wish all yours and my dreams will come true this year. The picture was from one of my favourite fashion blog Stockholm Street Style in Sweden.


1920 Jazz & Lifestyle Fascination

As my fascination of the Favourite Work of Art in Victoria period, I am also fascinated about 1920’s fashion and music. I always imagine what was the life style, fashion and music to be like when I am listening songs from Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra or Peggy Lee?

Fashion in 1920

Fashion is 1920 was a new revolution for women. Women had their right to vote, and before the first World War people lived in middle class with leisure, luxury, and happy life. The images in my head, women had bobbed hair, fine make-up, red lips with knee length and thin sparkle jewellery on their dresses. The silk delicate fabric, feather fascinator clip, or long pearl necklaces and cloche hats. It was so classic and elegant. It was a romantic era for fashion, which is why people look back at it with great fondness and still emulate it’s style.. That some of the people called 1920 was a golden age.

Music in 1920

Music is 1920 Because of the middle class life style in 1920, that is why some of the songs had written in those days had portrayed in a romantic happy life. Jazz was very popular in middle of 1920. Blues, Ragtime and Broadway musicals were in that era. In my head, it always appears cocktails, knee length dress, people dancing (like the song ‘Check to Check’) Jazz live in the background, champaign, smoke in the pub.  I will never feel tired of the classic jazz songs!

I love to go back to live for a while in that era and experience the life and music in 1920. Let’s sway with music and dance together. It will be the end of the post of my 2009. I wish we will have more great music and fashion that it will last as long as the 1920 did.

(Miwa and us will be seeing fireworks and count down 2009 in London Eye tomorrow night, I am very looking to forwards to seeing fireworks and enjoy the crowed.)

Winter Shoes Collection

Recently I have bought some winter boots because I don’t have much winter boots. But now I think I have enough for this winter and keep my feet warm and satisfied. I need to save up from now. No more new shoes or clothes. Happy New Year soon and wish best of all.

We are heading to have New Year dinner with friends to celebrate 2010. Which shoes should I wear tonight? It is raining outside, maybe I will wear the blue boots.


My New Boots

I have bought myself an expensive Christmas gift of the finest and prettiest boots ever from Kurt Geriger. It is totally worth it. The boots were made in Italy and the fine leather and classic simple style. Oh, it is so pretty that I could not bear to wear it. I got confession, I think I am not only obsessed about food, but also shoes as well.


My Autumn New Collection shoes

My shoes

Nice back to London and have my own space and life back. I do feel sad to leave my family and niece, as well as good friends in GZ. I had a fabulous time in GZ and Shantou. Thanks all the friends’ dinners and treats in China.

As a shoes lover, I also bought some of the new shoes back to London. I especially like the new blue boots it costs me hundreds of ‘Chairman Mao’ but I just love it so much and it’s very comfortable to walk. While I organised my clothes and shoes, I took some pictures to remind me how many pair of shoes I have. I don’t think it’s many pairs because I am a greedy girl. John always thinks I spend too much on shoes and shopping. Haha…

London is 9 to 15 degrees, and it’s Autumn towards Winter. We properly will see bonfire next week and go to see Mew’s concert soon. We will go to have dinner with my London friends this weekend to catch up. Look forward to seeing them.

Mango Catwalk Show in Oxford Street

Mango Catwalk Show

Mango Shop had a fashion show on Sunday night to train the employees about this new autumns’ collection. The company had provided drinks and snack food. It was a fantastic ideas and people had great fun to perform and to watch. Because the models were all the volunteers of the employees, and not by hired model, so that the atmosphere was extraordinate lively. I am glad that I was part of it and had some laugh with people. You can see more pictures from here.

我们被邀请参加西班牙店Mango在繁华商业街Oxford Street举行的一场不正式的catwalk 表演。主办方还专门提供了酒水和食物。据说是对今年秋装时尚的一场培训 - 搞场catwalk 表演好过无聊的时尚培训。模特都是mango的自愿表演的工作人员,所以什么体型的模特都有。就因为这个原因,让气氛更加轻松自如。我也和很多朋友和公司员工一起享受这场秋装服装秀。这里有更多照片可以看。

Gucci 2009 Spring Collections


Frida Giannini is the designer for Gucci and her designs are sexy, feminine, simple and yet also sophisticated. She is definitely a master of colour and not afraid of using bright colours. Gucci’s 2009 Spring collections is called “Gucci Exotica,” They are mixing elements of streetwear with the beach. Giannini has the same design element as Tom Ford (an ex-Gucci designer).

The collections are so perfect and chic for daily wear to work as well as the evening dress, with simple big-wave-hair, slightly smoking-eyes, a golden neckless and a pair of high heels! Every element is spotless! It’s so my style!

You can see the picture and video from my favourite fashion web style.com

Gucci 2009年的春夏装系列

意大利设计师Giannini已经推出Guicci最新2009春夏装系列。她的每件作品都十分性感,女人味,简单但富有成熟的味道。她绝对是颜色搭配的好手!一点都不怕大红大蓝的颜色。Giannini把2009的春夏装叫做 “Gucci 的异国情调” 绝对十分适合,有街头的味道,加上海滩的休闲, 她和Tom Ford (前Gucci设计师)都把Gucci的代表元素“性感“设计的完美无瑕 – 女人穿上他们的设计都是无比的自信,性感,和富有魅力!

这个系列的衣服我实在太喜欢了 – 从休闲,上班到晚装都是完美的设计。配搭简单的大波长发,一点点熏荤眼,一条百搭简单的金色长项链,加上一双高跟鞋,简直是超级性感和有味道!爱美的我不得不介绍给你们看。大家可以在这里看到这系列的照片录影